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Tulips = Hope

Tulips blooming are the epitome of spring and new life coming after a cold, hard winter.  This morning I have been thinking about the parallel I see to my grief journey.  I have come a long way in the last 3 1/2 years and I’m seeing the tulips blooming, with a shift in perspective from day-to-day to looking toward to and dreaming of the future.  And just as the snow today is a sudden, shocking plunge back into winter - even if only for a day or two — so it happens for me.  
Most days are bright and have the promise of tulips blooming and new life.  But every so often, just like this unexpected snow, something will happen that plunges me back into the cold, hard grief - even if for a short time.  Many people dream of their loved ones after their passing.  That has been a fairly rare occurrence for me, and when it happens is almost always bizarre and not true to life.  However, the last two nights I have dreamed of Scott, which was warm and comforting — until I woke up and realize that i…