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February -  the month of a ton of family birthdays including Scott’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, and Father-Daughter dances.  Not surprisingly February is a difficult month for me.  
Seeing all the Facebook posts about Father-Daughter dances/dates brings tears to my eyes for a couple of reasons — first that these daughters are blessed to have fathers who love them so much that they set aside time not only to spend with them but to make them feel special, second that Jaelyn’s father is not here to do that for her — and he absolutely would do it if he wasn’t in heaven.  Scott spent so much time with Jaelyn, sharing his love of the outdoors and sports with her, playing dress-up with her, playing games with her, etc.  This is a HUGE loss in her life, despite the close relationships that she has with her Grandpa Herr and her Uncle Fernando.  I am thankful that her elementary school does not have a Father-Daughter dance as it is not something she has to face or make a choice about.  So, at th…