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Fifth Annual Scott Bradley Adventurous Life Scholarship

Today was the presentation of the fifth annual Scott Bradley Adventurous Life scholarship.  The scholarship winner is chosen each year through vote of the youth and youth leaders based on criteria of living a life of faith and adventure. Each year I find out who the winner or winners (there was a tie one year) are just before the presentation.  Coming from a rather large church, some years I am familiar with the name and face of the winner and some years I am not.   It is always interesting to hear from Pastor Marc a little bit about each winner and what makes them special.  

This morning when Pastor Marc told me that the winner this year is Alex Almer and that he had shared his testimony in the Easter program, I immediately understood what made Alex special.   I am glad that I had the honor of hearing Alex's story and testimony during the Easter program.  It was not a surprise to me having heard his testimony when Pastor Marc told me that Alex had won the scholarship in a landsl…